Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Thursday's Quiz Topics

Here’s a list of topics that will be covered on Thursday’s 6.1-4 Quiz

Quiz Topics - 6.1-4
Indefinite integral – substitution (trig functions)
Area under a trig function (special angles!)
Area approximation – data table
Determine original function f given slope and point
Indefinite integral – substitution (natural log)
Definite Integral – special circumstances
Indefinite integral – substitution (natural logs and exponentials)
Indefinite integral – substitution (trig functions and natural logs)
Area approximation – Midpoints
Definite Integral – geometric
Antiderivative – polynomial
Antiderivative – fractional powers
Antiderivative – position/velocity/acceleration
Area approximation – Right endpoints
Definite Integral – geometric
Definite Integral – polynomial
Definite Integral – fractional powers
Definite Integral – trig function
Indefinite Integral – substitution (fractional exponents)
Indefinite Integral substitution (polynomial)

That’s it! I’ll be in early on Thursday!…

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